• Funder says, you keep 75 percent
  • Become a local fundreasy sponsor
  • Funder says, you keep 75 percent

Get started on the path to fundraising the fund-r-easy way.

Start a Fundreasy Campaign

Create your event
As part of a local group who needs funding, you know how difficult fundraising can be. And digging around to find a good fundraiser takes time and effort. You may not know it, but it takes less than 10 minutes to create your custom fundraising event page on fundreasy.com and you’re up and running. We really do take the headache out of fundraising!

Promote your event
Easily link your event to social media and start fundraising right away. Instead of spending countless hours chasing your tail to find donor support, you can instantly contact everyone in your network. Using our fundreasy portal you can easily reach out to your local community from your computer or smart phone.

Benefit from donor support
Instead of spending countless hours to get a small percent of the proceeds your group will receive 75% of every dollar donated, unlike other fundraising programs. Which gives you time to focus on other things… For $20, donors get a fundreasy discount pack with a variety of local shopping deals.

Download the Fundraiser Quick Start Guide.

Email your completed information to info@myslrg.com.

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Become a Local Sponsor

What we’re asking:
It’s never been easier to join a network of local businesses who provide support to local causes. We simply ask that you provide a discount valid for a year as part of a local discount pack. These discounts will be available to supporters through our website, and will be given to anyone who donates $20 to local Tucson programs.

What we provide:
The fundreasy portal provides supporters with discounts while you get to…

  1. Market to an ever-growing audience of local shoppers.
  2. Help support local fundraisers and school programs in need.
  3. Give your business a rare opportunity to be associated with a positive local cause.
  4. Build goodwill locally while influencing future shopping habits in your community.

In addition we provide cross-promotion opportunities for your business on the fundreasy website and through various other avenues (including social media) as they relate to the distribution of the fundreasy discount pack.

Download the sponsor application.

Email the completed application to info@myslrg.com.

Sponsor Application PDF