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Top 5 Reasons to Support Your Local Quarter Midget Track

Reason #1:

The instant “karma” of smiling kids who love to race


Reason #2:

You know how cool 1/4 Midget racing is

Here’s a short video we got this past Saturday out at the TMQA track. All that hard work payed off, the track looks fantastic & the kids did great!

Reason #3:

You know just how expensive 1/4 midget driving can be

According to QMA (Quarter Midgets of America), which is the sanctioning body for Quarter Midget Racing the starting cost of a quarter midget car is $2,500, and used cars can run at least $1000. Top of the line cars can run anywhere from $5,000 and up. The new Honda engine itself will run you $400, though more expensive engines such as the Deco can run twice as much, but they are better for more technically demanding classes such as the Mod “B” and “AA”.

Reason #4:

It’s an American Tradition

  • Quarter Midget Racing has been around since before World War II.
  • It’s a competitive sport for children ages 5-16, though it’s a whole family affair.
  • The oldest continually running quarter midget track east of the Mississippi is the Hulman Mini Speedway.
  • Quarter Midget Racing is family focused. All local races and tracks are run by family and volunteers.

Last but not least…

Reason #5:

When you donate to Tucson 1/4 midget Association on fundreasy.com they keep 3/4 of your donation!!!!

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-Team Fundreasy