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Safety Goes Unmatched in Online Fundraising

Fundreasy is here to help make the fundraising process easier, better and help keep it safer. One of the major concerns with fundraising is of course the safety factor. Gone are the days where all means of fundraising were non-threatening, when you could send your kids out to collect donations. Traditional fundraising methods like going door to door to collect for a cause are part of our society’s collective culture. It’s something our parents did, their parents did, and so on through the generations. We no longer live in a world where it’s safe to knock on strangers doors to ask for money.
While it was never the most efficient method, going door to door worked – people are generous and, given a chance, are eager to help out. Even the smallest of organizations can do so as it requires little or no overhead, just enthusiastic boots on the ground.
There have been issues with this traditional means of fundraising, and laws have been enacted governing the do’s and don’ts of soliciting door to door to protect the safety of both the fundraiser and the donor. In addition, common sense rules and guidelines are part of every community’s commitment to its own safety and welfare.

Unfortunately times have changed, laws and guidelines aside, traditional fundraisers have to take a second look at other modern methods of fundraising. The potential for danger on our neighborhood streets affects our daily lives, let’s look at Halloween: Would you let your kids go door to door collecting candy unchaperoned?
People nowadays need to be diligent. Not only are children susceptible, but so are adults. This is especially true in the evenings and after dark, when more people are home after work and available to talk about fundraising. Naturally this is also the time favored by criminals. It’s never worth risking the safety of yourself or others in the pursuit of fundraising.
Fundraisers have to deal not only with criminal threats, but other dangers as well like the risk of dog bites, injuries in people’s yards, sidewalks, stairways and traffic hazards. Mother nature also likes to play a part every now and then to add to the potential risks involved with being out in the elements.

Safety is just one more headache for fundraisers to have to worry about. Fortunately, with fundreasy.com there is a safer and more effective way to raise the funds you need. We provide a worry-free-gateway to make the fundraising process quick, easy, and above all else, safe. The dangers of face to face fundraising are replaced with the ability to instantly connect your fundraiser with everyone in your social network via Facebook and Twitter, and now you can maximize your donations safely with the click of a button.
At Fundreasy, we believe fundraising should be safe and fun! So if you or someone you know is looking to start their next fundraising drive, tell them to go to fundreasy.com/get-started so we can help them reach their next fundraising goal.




-Team Fundreasy