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Taking the Headache out of fundraising

Did you know April 5 is Arizona Gives Day? Hosted by Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits and Arizona Grantmakers Forum and presented by FirstBank, Arizona Gives Day has raised $4.5 million for Arizona nonprofits since its founding in 2013. It’s a huge state-wide on-line event helping out non-profit medical clinics, community radio, shelters, research facilities, education and counseling services for starters.

The Arizona Gives Day features special events such as concerts, cook outs, speakers and so on in Tucson, Phoenix and around Arizona. The day has been featured nationally on NBC TV News and the Huffington Post. For a list of events and for more information about this day go to www.azgives.givebig.org.

Last year, Arizona nonprofits raised $2,054,417 through the generosity of 17,260 donors with many donors giving to multiple organizations. The average donation was $86. Local sponsors help out by having contests, in some cases with matching donations! There are opportunities to have fundraising contests to see what organization can raise the most funds for what cause within a certain time period.

Arizona Gives Day lasts just 24 hours today – but it’s benefits work year round. So remember to look for them around this time after Easter next year. If you want to get involved locally, you can support some of the same fundraisers and many others (or become a fundraiser yourself) by going to fundreasy.com. Your headache free solution to fundraising!